Fridays at Seeds of Faith Co-op with Darlene Hamblin as co-teacher.  These classes are free to co-op members. A pay option is also available. See details below. I do not handle registration for these classes. You need to contact Michelle Lepper or Karri Wilson.

11:00-11:50 am American Short Stories (Literature for ages 14-18)

12:30-1:20 pm Ready (Worldview Class for ages 16-18)

See class descriptions below.

Co-op Dates for the 2017-18 Year (updated on 4/7/2017)
September 8th and 22nd, October 6th and 20th, November 3rd and 17th, December 1st and 15th, January 12th and 26th,  Feb 9th and 23rd, Mar 9th and 23rd

New Seeds of Faith Co-op members accepted  until the beginning of September.

To have someone contact you about co-op, please visit and enter your information:

If your high school student just wants to take a class or two but you don’t want to commit to joining coop, you can pay for my classes and several other co-op classes. Your student can come with or without a parent and sign up for one or two classes without the work commitment from mom (or dad). The classes offered for pay students are:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Cooking to Live
  3. American Short Stories
  4. Current Events
  5. Ready? (Worldview class for ages 16 and above only)
  6. Bible Story Isn’t Boring
  7. Gym

To sign up for pay classes or for more information, please contact Karri Wilson at (989) 660-4790 or

If you have any questions about the class content, please email or call/text 810-706-6293

American Short Stories – taught by Lisa Wagner and Darlene Hamblin

Thought-provoking Socratic (question-based) discussions focusing on literary analysis will bring students face-to-face with some of America’s best short stories so they can know themselves more fully as God’s creatures. Mrs. Hamblin and Mrs. Wagner will encourage students to ponder well-designed questions about structure, style, context, and theme in every story they read. Opportunities for extracurricular enrichment will periodically be offered. Note: Students must be in 9th-12th grade.

Student Responsibilities:

1- Read the assigned short stories according to the class reading schedule. If you are not willing to read, or re-read, these books, do not take this class. Copies of the stories will be provided.

2- Participate in End of the Year Program as decided by the class.

3- Complete any other class assignments as directed, including one oral poetry presentation.

4- Participate in class discussions.

Parent Responsibilities:

~ Ensure your student completes the assigned reading.

~ Ensure your student completes the class assignments.

~ Be at the end of the year program with your student.

Week 1 – Edgar Allen Poe

Week 2 -Mark Twain

Week 3 – Uncle Remus

Week 4 – Edith Wharton

Week 5 – Willa Cather

Week 6 –  O. Henry

Week 7 – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Week 8 – Ernest Hemingway

Week 9 – William Faulkner

Week 10 – John Steinbeck

Week 11 – Shirley Jackson

Week 12 – Flannery O’Connor

Week 13 – Isaac Bashevis Singer

Week 14 – John Updike

Ready…?  – taught by Lisa Wagner and Darlene Hamblin

High School ages 16-18, Juniors and Seniors (see note) $20

homework required weekly

God has no grandchildren. What does that mean? You are ready for the transition to being your own person in the Lord. We want you to have a rewarding daily relationship with God and find meaning for the demands of daily life. Are you wondering how to find that without crashing and burning?

CLASS GOAL: Equip you for life in the big world. Prepare yourself to defend your faith, have answers when questioned, and know what you believe and act it out. BE READY!

This class is designed for the graduating senior. It is also open to all juniors and thoughtful students age 16 and older. All assigned readings are required. Students will participate in weekly challenging class discussion.

Requirements: Discussion participation. All assigned readings on schedule. Reading response journal required for all readings. Worldview paper due at Week 14. Participation in class presentation video.


Pagan Christianity by by Frank Viola and George Barna

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

A Praying Life by Paul Miller

Bible of your preferred translation” “Reading Assignments

Read before Week 1 (9/8) – PC – Preface and Intro; MC Book 1: Ch 1,2,3. APL: Ch 1,2;

Entire New Testament

Read before Week 2 (9/22) – PC Ch 1; MC Book 1 Ch 4-5; APL: Ch 3, 4, 5; OT Readings

Read before Week 3 (10/6)- PC Ch 2; MC Book 2 Ch 1-2-3; APL: Ch 6, 7, 8; OT Readings

Read before Week 4 (10/20)- PC Ch 3; MC Book 2 Ch 4-5; APL: Ch 9. 10. 11; OT Readings

Read before Week 5 (11/3)- PC Ch 4; MC Book 3 Ch 1-2-3; APL: Ch 12, 13, 14; OT Readings

Read before Week 6 (11/17)- PC Ch 5; MC Book 3 Ch 4-5-6; APL: Ch 15, 16, 17, 18; OT Readings

Read before Week 7 (12/1)- PC Ch 6; MC Book 3 Ch 7-8-9; OT Readings

Read before Week 8 (12/15)- PC Ch 7; MC Book 3 Ch 10-11-12; APL: Ch 19, 20, 21; OT Readings

Read before Week 9 (1/12)- PC Ch 8; MC Book 4 Ch 1-2-3; APL: Ch 22, 23, 24, 25; OT Readings

Read before Week 10 (1/26)- PC Ch 9; MC Book 4 Ch 4-5; APL: Ch 26, 26, 27, 28; OT Readings

Read before Week 11 (2/9)- PC Ch 10; MC Book 4 Ch 6-7; APL: Ch 29, 30, 31, 32; OT Readings

Read before Week 12 (2/23)- PC Ch 11; MC Book 4 Ch 8-9; OT Readings

Read before Week 13 (3/9)- PC Ch 12; MC Book 4 Ch 10-11; OT Readings

Read before Week 14 (3/23)- Paper due; PC Afterword & Final Thoughts; OT Readings


PC – Pagan Christianity

MC – Mere Christianity

APL – A Praying Life

Space out your Bible readings so you are finished by Week 14