Wednesdays at Lapeer Homeschool Partnership – FALL SEMESTER
High School Classes on Wednesdays September 6th to January 10th. (No class on Nov 22, Dec 20 & 27)
9:00 AM – Research Methods
11:00 AM – Lord of the Rings
(see descriptions below)
These classes are free to LHP students. All LHP classes have a required full online curriculum.
To sign up for the Lapeer Homeschool Partnership (LHP), please contact Michon Periso.
810-667-2453 or email
Research Methods – description coming soon
The Lord of the Rings: An Exploration of the Films & Their Literary Influences
Hobbits, Orcs, wizards, dashing knights, and powerful elves are all part of the magic created in J.R.R. Tolkien’s famously epic tale, The Lord of the Rings. For years, the vivid characters within this beloved story could exist only in the readers’ minds—until it was adapted into a movie that allowed fans to finally see, through the eyes of Hollywood magic and brilliant technology, the manifestation of these characters onscreen. What does it take to transport these well-known images like Gollum and the Shire from dusty pages to the giant screen? In The Lord of the Rings: An Exploration of the Films & Its Literary Influences, you will see first-hand how classic literature can become modern film and bring the fantasy alive for a whole new generation of believers.