About the teacher:
Lisa Wagner earned her teaching certificate and a Bachelor’s degree in English. Her graduate work in Reading and Language Arts sharpened her skills and opened her eyes to many possibilities in teaching. Mrs. Wagner taught in an unusual multi-grade classroom for several years and has also been a tutor, a lay reader, and an instructor for high school Language Arts and GED Language Arts. One of her favorite places to teach has been Seeds of Faith Homeschool Co-op, a group which she helped start when her oldest was age 3. One of the most stressful jobs Lisa ever had was as an essay test scorer for a national test scoring company, but now you can benefit from her knowledge in that field. For several years, she taught English to Chinese students online via an innovative online portal. Building on that experience, she has recently opened her own tutoring service online – Tiger Tutoring. In 2018 and 2019, she traveled to China to teach English in summer camps. In 2021, Lisa spent ten weeks in South Korea, learning the language and culture.
Lisa’s four adult children were all educated at home and are now employed! Lisa has written several unpublished (so far!) novels and is looking for a publisher. Her current works-in-progress are a guide to the works of Jane Austen and a fantasy novel.
Contact Lisa for more information: 810-706-6293 or email lisa@wagnerwriting.com.

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Comments about Lisa’s writing classes:
Teaching students how to write has never been an easy task. It’s even more difficult in today’s culture of quick texts, snappy tweets, and self-promoting status posts. Lisa fearlessly meets the challege by exposing students to thought-provoking and gramatically-correct writing styles. Students are given countless opportunities to put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) to practice their communication skills. Her ongoing feedback is invaluable to improved writing performance. Moreover, she is organized, exhibits strong communication skills, and relates well with her students.” – Kathy Pate (via LinkedIn)

I signed my son up for a writing class with Lisa. She did a very nice job working with him and and encouraging him while he was part of her class. He was a reluctant learner and she was able to work with him despite that.” – Lisa Cornell  (via LinkedIn)

Looking for someone to instruct and inspire your children to write? Lisa is a professional, conscientious, skilled teacher. She was a great help instructing my two children to write essays for the ACT.” – Brenda Corey  (via LinkedIn)

My children took multiple writing courses from Lisa. She has a depth of knowledge and the ability to impart excellent skills to her students. My children both learned much during their time with Lisa, and I plan to hire her for additional writing education help in the future.” – Gina Lawton  (via LinkedIn)

Have your kids take the class! Lisa is a great teacher! My kids do not like writing, but I made them take a class from Lisa. They did well, and they now have a writing folder full of papers to prove it!”

I am so glad that we decided to do your class.  [My daughter] is just loving it and wants to take it again next year if you offer it.  [My son] has learned a lot and it has really helped him to be disciplined about getting his work done.  It’s been  a bit of a battle, but it’s been great for him. 🙂  Thank you for all you have done.”

“Thank you for offering this English Composition class. It has been sooo good. He is actually taking a lot of time to write his papers. I’m very grateful to have you teaching this!”

Thanks so much for teaching this year. I really enjoyed it!”

“Highly recommended! …now, writing six papers a week (and that’s just one class at a community college), I’m so glad I did it!”

“I’ll also put in my 2 cents. Lisa Wagner does a great job of prepping students for college level writing. My daughter is enrolled in her freshman year at college and has many writing assignments each week. She has been doing great work, often at the top of her class, and seems to be well equipped in the various styles of writing thanks to much of the work done in Lisa’s writing classes. Thank you!”

Dear Lisa, Just wanted you to know how thrilled I am that [my son] took your writing class. He is 4 or 5 weeks into comp class at [college] and so far so good:) Thank you for helping me school my son:)”

Just wanted to say thank you for teaching this class; it has been helping me a lot. I took the ACT in December and raised my English score by 4 points and my writing by 2 points! I was very pleased with how easy it seemed after reviewing writing concepts in class.

I just want to tell you how great it is to have her come out of your class and just be happy because she likes it so much.  Just more evidence that it is worth it for me to bring her.  Thanks again.”

“Thanks a lot for teaching this class. You made me a better writer and made me enjoy it so much more.”

“I’m interested in having her take your class again. Even she agrees that taking your class was one of the best things she’s ever done for school.”

“We appreciate you teaching this class; it has helped me as a teacher, and her as writer.”

“I wanted to say thank you for writing encouraging words in the margin of his papers. It is a welcome confidence booster, for the both of us.”

“You know you are a success when MY son who stomped around the house and glared at me for 2 days when I told him that he was taking your writing class says, (drumroll)  “You know mom, some of these lessons are really exciting, here, listen how I change the mood of the characters when I change these few words”. Last week he told me that a whole new world opened for him when he discovered from YOU that he can substitute interesting words for boring words that mean essentially the same thing. I promise you I’ve told him this before but all of a sudden it is magical coming from you.  I’m thoroughly enjoying him taking your class.  That is one area that homeschool moms miss out sometimes- their child connecting with other educators and opening their minds to new things. Thanks for teaching this class.”

“We are so pleased with the progress he has made in your class considering where he was and how “he doesn’t mind writing” at all…(for you!)”

“Thanks for letting him take this class … I know he still has a long way to go, but the simple discipline of him writing to form has been great. You’re the best!”

“She would love to do another session with you, so we are definitely interested.”

“My son got his ACT results yesterday and got a 5 out of 6 on the essay. Many thanks for your help. Your class was a major factor in his success.”

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